Squirrel Hill Optometric Center

Pittsburgh, PA
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Who We Are


This is only one part of the services provided in our office, but an important part.  We try to tailor your glasses prescription to provide comfortable vision for the lifestyle that you lead.  We take into consideration the type of work and play you do in order to provide the appropriate visual correction. 

We also fit a wide range of contact lenses, including spherical, astigmatism, bifocal, aspheric, soft, and gas permeable.

Part of the eye examination includes a thorough evaluation of the health of the eyes.  Dilation is done when appropriate.  We also have the capability of taking digital photographs of the inside of the eye, and visual field evaluation.  We are licensed to prescribe therapeutic drops and to treat eye diseases, including glaucoma.  We will refer to the appropriate specialist when necessary.

We also offer vision therapy in our office and evaluation of visual-perceptual problems and vision-related learning problems.

We do not sell materials in our office, but a full service optical establishment is adjacent.  We have been affiliated with each other since 1981, but are financially independent.  We therefore have no economic motive to sell glasses.