Squirrel Hill Optometric Center

Pittsburgh, PA
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Who We Are

My approach to the practice of optometry has developed and matured over the last 28 years that I have been seeing patients.  I try to respect all my patients and treat each one as an individual worthy of my respect.  Each patient has individual needs that must be considered.  Each patient's time is important, and I allot a reasonable amount of time for each appointment and try to stick to a timely schedule.  I rarely keep patients waiting.

I try to practice full scope optometry, evaluating both the health of the eyes and the function of the eyes.  Vision is more than seeing 20/20.  It is necessary to evaluate eye coordination, focusing, and the development of the visual-perceptual system in relation to the whole body and the visual demands of the environment.

I prescribe a course of treatment, whether it is visual correction with glasses or contact lenses, vision therapy, or even surgery or specialist intervention based on what is best for the patient and not what is best for my pocketbook.  I suppose I am poorer for that, but in another way, richer.